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Welcome to AYM depot, producers of Custom designed Lapel Pins, Challenge Coins and Fiesta Medals, to your specifications, in a variety of metals, providing a selection of different sizes and prices to meet your budget.

AYM depot, products are designed and sold wholesale from New Braunfels, Texas, and delivered by air from our factory in Shanghai, to our clients, worldwide. All communication with the client is with our creative staff, located just Northeast of San Antonio, Texas.

The AYM depot staff assists you from design thru delivery. We offer free art from concept to factory ready. Shipping is free to the United States and Canada. There is no die mold* cost.

You provide the design or idea for each Product design. The AYM depot Art Department staff will assist you with your design, and/or convert it into a format for creating your product.

Many of our clients change the background color to signify a different award or recognition. Others add a date or just a year on the design to signify a different award or recognition.

Our web site is simple, easy to navigate, and all prices are published. There are no hidden costs. Our products are high quality, and available at wholesale costs.



Includes up to 6 colors